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RFP: Architectural Services

The NYLB is seeking the services of an experienced architect to assist in examining a reconfiguration/right size of its current office space or relocation to an alternate location.

Extension: The deadline to submit proposals has been extended until May 22, 2017.

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IFB: Purchaser of Reinsurance Recoverables

The New York Liquidation Bureau (“NYLB”) is inviting bids to purchase (i) reinsurance recoverables on paid losses from ceded reinsurers which are owed to the estate of ICM Insurance Company (“ICM”) under certain reinsurance treaties to which ICM was a party (net of reinsurance balances payable by ICM against such ceded losses), plus (ii) certain reinsurance balances, payable to ICM, which ICM assumed from other companies (net of recoverables and paid losses payable by ICM).

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Extension: The deadline for answers to questions has been extended to January 17, 2017, and the deadline for submitting bids has been extended to January 31, 2017.

RFP: Real Estate Broker or Consultant

The New York Liquidation Bureau (“NYLB”) is seeking a professional real estate broker and/or consultant to assist in determining the most economical option to either: (i) sublease or surrender a portion of its primary office premises at 110 William Street, New York, New York ("Premises") and renovate its remaining space while relocating the NYLB's staff within the Premises; or (ii) relocate the NYLB's offices to another location.

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